VTuber Model

All prices in this section already include commmercial fee

Chibi (Rig only)100€
Halfbody (Rig only)150€
Fullbody (Rig only)250€
Halfbody (Art + Rig)300€
Fullbody (Art + Rig)500€
Additional Costs 
Expressions (Rig)5€
Animations (Rig)10€
Expressions (Art + Rig)10€
Animations (Art + Rig)15€

There are also additional costs for complex character design and if I have to design the character.


Animation only 
Animation + Art 
Bust (Simple)50€
Halfbody (Simple)60€
Fullbody (Simple)70€
Bust (Complex)70€
Halfbody (Complex)80€
Fullbody (Complex)90€

If you want to commission me to only do the animation you must either provide an already properly separated illustration
or pay a fee (20€ to 50€) and provide a layered file of the image (.psd or .csp preferably) so I can do the cutting.



Character Design

Simple Shading40€
Complex Shading60€

How To Commission Me

I am happy that you are interested in commissioning me!
Please message me on Twitter or send an email ([email protected]) including these informations:

  • Type of commission (Illustration, VTuber Model, Animation)

  • Your name / Your social media

  • Can I stream while working on your commission?

  • Character's name

  • Character's personality

  • Character's reference / Your wishes regarding the character design

  • Character's expression and pose

  • Special wishes?

Rules & TOS

By commissioning me, you are agreeing to the following terms:


  • I don't draw: non-humanoid characters, gore, nsfw, fanart

  • Credit me for the art if you are reposting it or using it in any other way publicly (banner, pfp, ...)

  • I am allowed to post the illustration/model online (with credit to the commissioner)

  • You are not allowed to resell the illustration, character design or model I've created for you

  • If you fail to respond to me within a week without announcing it prior, I will stop working on the commission


  • You can request up to three major and ten minor changes

  • Major changes are only possible during the sketching phase

  • Once I've finished the art for a VTuber model and started rigging it, I don't accept any more changes for the art


  • PayPal only

  • Payment is in €

  • Must be done after I've send you the first sketch

  • No refunds will be possible

  • I accept payment in portions when doing a VTuber model, but for any other type of commission you'll have to pay everything after I've sent you the sketch

Commercial Use & Additional Costs

  • You have to pay 2x the original price for commercial use (only applies to companies)

  • Additional costs are applied for complex backgrounds/character design

  • There is also an additional fee if I have to do the character desgin

  • Please check the section about VTuber models for more information about additional costs regarding this type of commission